Extensive Training & Mentoring services

Implementing the latest technologies on its own is not enough. What if your employees don’t even understand how to use the software systems implemented, then what’s the point? At PhiDimensions, we offer extensive training and mentoring services that bridge the gap between clarity and lack of understanding. By bringing your employees onboard the installation and development process, we teach them the needed skills through our hands-on approach.

Why training is necessary
Thinking about hiring us for custom app development? Or perhaps you need help with API deployment. It all deems the need for expert mentoring and we guarantee there’s nobody better at it than our specialists.
Increase productivity

Employees who can’t quite grasp how MuleSoft and similar technologies work are much more likely to waste the day killing time rather than doing work. But can you blame them? If you want your workforce to perform optimally, you must enrich them with the right resources and information. That’s where our all-inclusive training sessions come in. These increase productivity by a large margin and enable you to scale your company.

Better ROI
To reap maximum benefits of your investment in data integration systems, training is a prerequisite you cannot miss. ROI is highly variable which is why your employees need vital guidance to help your organization achieve its goals.
Fewer redundancies
Not being able to use software is one thing and using it the wrong way is completely another. To avoid the detriments of ineffective utilization, invest in our training and mentoring services. Our experts will observe your IT staff in action to identify possible errors and show them better ways of leveraging IT programs.